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I started with my 1978 Celica and got an idea from a friend one day to update the old bumpers to something more modern.  But that wasn't enough...I had to modify even more, so below is a list and some pictures of my Celica before it was totaled in the Accident.

DISCLAIMER: use of this information is at your own risk.  Mascot Graphics takes no responsibility for interpretation of this information, and it is to be used as a guide, not an instruction manual.  All modifications were done knowing the risk.

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A few years ago I got the idea from a co-worker to install bumper covers from a newer car.  Finding the right ones was a difficult task, so I started rummaging through the discarded bumper covers from a local body shop.  I kept holding a different cover up to the car until I found one that looked good on the Celica.

Since this car was totaled in an accident several years ago, I will leave the details below and on the Corona Restoration Page I'll describe the process I went through to modify the bumpers, which I have done with the Corona as well.  In addition to the bumper covers, I also decided to upgrade the rest of the car with a pair of doors from an '81 Supra and the complete front sheet metal from a '79-80 Celica.  Everything fit, but not without modifications.

FRONT BUMPER 1989 Acura Legend Coupe - Not my first choice, but the first attempt and the only one that would fit since.
FENDERS 1980-81 Celica - I had to modify the front end a little since the hood is a little longer.
HOOD 1980-81 Celica - The hood latch is about 2 inches further forward, so I had to use the upper tie bar as well.
GRILLE Hand built - I couldn't find anything that would fit, so I decided to fabricate one from scratch.
HEADLAMPS Stock 78-79 Celica - I liked the round headlamps and the way the later hood created a "brow" effect.
DOORS 1980-81 Celica Supra - A perfect fit...just a little wiring and they bolted right up....factory power windows!
REAR BUMPER 1991 Honda Accord - This went on much later than the front, but was a perfect fit on the wheel wells.
For more information about modifying the bumpers, check out the Corona Restoration Section
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