Bigg(er) Brakes...
This issue has been a dilemma for quite some time, nothing is readily available and the solid rotor is too wimpy for the kind of spirited driving that many like to do.  Well, I have a simple and cost effective solution, and it all started with a trip to a wrecking yard.
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The whole assembly: Toyota Caliper, Hub, Strut & Dust Shield and aftermarket Drilled/Slotted Rotor & Performance Friction Pads.
The Backing Plate from the Corona would probably work, but I chose the one that came with the Caliper because of the 'scoop' seen here, ducting air towards the center of the Hub/Rotor.
The tolerances are close, I would like another couple mm on the Rotor, but it's 258mm... plenty big.
As you can see, the Caliper bolts directly to the Strut Housing. One modification: I am making spacers out of 3/16" aluminum. You can use a couple washers, but I'm using my hole saw and making a 3/16" washer to evenly space the caliper on the Rotor.
--Back-- --Technical-- --Restoration-- --22R Hybrid-- --Interior-- BRAKES