Some people we meet for a season,
Although some I wish I never had met.
Rarely they stay for a reason,
And some of them I'll never forget.

Hanging my heart on a wire,
I hoped a girl like you'd come along.
Leading me away from the fire,
Of the sadness that doesn't belong.

Virtual strangers try to heal broken hearts,
Everything was so out of place.
Yesterday we felt how our love imparts,
On the emptiness, and fills up the space.

Until I met you I was down and lost,
Searching for myself all around.
Tempted by love, our paths had crossed,
I feel like today I've finally been found.

Loving you with all that I've got,
Letting you know that I'll always be there.
My persistence, you said, truly means a lot,
You said to me you always will care.

Give me your love you won't regret it,
I promise you I never will leave.
Romance will be yours if you let it,
Loving you forever - if you'll only believe.


M. Scott Harding  © 2009