Beyond your tearsÖ
If your tears have a purpose in your life,
Would they help you overcome the strain and strife?
Would they also help your heart to clearly see?
Would those tears be falling softly just for me?

When youíre lonely does it help to ease the pain,
If those tear drops fall just like an autumn rain?
Do they help to find a place you call your own?
And do they keep you crying in your comfort zone?

ĎCause you tell me that Iíll leave,
That my words you canít believe,
So you keep your distance and you hide your fears.
From the life youíre dreaming of,
With a man you say you love,
But your heart wonít let you love beyond your tears.

If your heart could see beyond those lonely tears.
And help you to forget those damaged years.
Maybe you could dry your tears and clearly see,
That your tears were falling softly just for me.

If I try to ease this pain that makes you weep,
And prove to you my promise I will keep.
Could you finally open up and let me in,
And would you let this love of ours begin?

There are many thousand words,
Some that we have never heard,
But none of them release you from your fears.
And this man you say you love,
The one youíre dreaming of,
Wants your heart to let you love beyond your tears.

If you knew just how I feel,
That this love I have is real,
Could anything I say erase your fears?
Youíre the woman that I love,
That Iím always dreaming of,
And my heart is waiting just beyond your tears


M. Scott Harding† © 2010