Pictures of Rocky

Many people have asked, "Where are all the pictures of Rocky?", and I never thought people would want more.  But everyone's fallen in love with him, so without any further delay I present the new Photo Gallery of my favorite Cockatoo, my companion and the one that makes the biggest mess in the house.  Well, at least I don't poop on the floor!

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Rocky's new Play Gym!

He is just so docile and mellow

Who has who?

I got your nose!


Rocky loves corn!
At home with Rocky

New shoes!

...Dancin' a jig...
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Take a bow...
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In the spotlight!
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Here I decided to make good use of that twelve-foot ceiling!
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Oh no!! Rocky's Dead!!  nah...he's just playing!
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Rocky's new toy for being such a good dogg!
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Rocky's bath time...whether he likes it or not!

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