I Remember...

...you taught me about jets, they were my science project that year.
...you taught me about cars, how they'd coast without being in gear.
...you tried to ride a bike sitting backwards, you skinned your arm.
...you taught me about automatic milking machines on that dairy farm.
...visiting you on weekends, I felt I was the reason you smiled a lot.
...some of the funnier things you said, that you claimed you forgot.
...the riding mower you purchased, how I'd help you mow the lawn.
...I grew up scared, but when I was with you all my fears were gone.
...seeing interesting things that without you I may have never seen.
...when I was 13 you became ill, you said things you didn't mean.
...that I was hurt by what you said to me, for months I stayed away.
...you had cancer, and a tumor, and they were counting down the day.
...you forgave me when I visited you, you said that you weren't mad.
...how you looked so pale and thin, you lost all the weight you had.
...visiting Grandma on Valentine's Day, that morning you had died.
...going to the funeral, I couldn't move so I sat there and I cried.
...missing you because I hadn't seen you in so many lonely years.
...I dreamt I saw you, I asked where you were and I woke up in tears.
...what you look like Grandpa, because I've got a lot of your genes.
...a lot of things about you, and I remember what unconditional means.


M. Scott Harding  © 2001