Rush Hour People...

Lights are flashing as I look ahead,
Some of them orange, some of them red.
I try to steadily make my transition,
As everyone jockeys for the best position.

Headlights are coming fast from behind,
Hit the brakes, lady, what are you, blind?
And for crying out loud, put down that phone,
Just pay attention! you're not driving alone!

Is the left lane faster, as it should be?
Or is it the right one? Hell, it could be.
That guy's now behind me, he was up in front,
Make up your mind...what lane do you want?

Funny how you acted when I needed that lane,
You flipped me off, where is your brain?
If you let me in it's not gonna kill ya
It's rush hour people...lighten up, will ya?


M. Scott Harding 2001