She Waits....

She knows just what she wants, But she’s afraid that she can’t have it 
She reaches for the brass ring, But she’s afraid of old, bad habits 
A twinkle in her eye, And her heart begins to fight her 
Should she pursue this love? Or will it come back to bite her? 

She tries to let it go, She's filled with uncertainty 
Will he keep his promise? The waiting mocks eternity 
A flutter of her heart, And love has opened the gates, 
She wants to reel him in, But instead she waits, she waits

Like no one that she's known, She tries to understand 
Is he really the man she wants? Or everything she wants in a man? 
She shies away so quiet, She feels so broken hearted 
She blocks him out again, Afraid that his love has parted 

Though he tells her he will stay, Her heart tells her that he leaves 
So with passion he still holds her, Until the day that she believes 
She knows just what she wants, It’s love she anticipates 
She fears that it won’t stay, So forever she waits, she waits 

Her nights are filled with him, And she becomes his every dream 
He wonders when he’ll hold her, And if love will be extreme 
He knows just what he wants, And she answered all his prayers 
So he tells her how he feels, And she wonders why he cares 

She fills his every thought, And she is all that he desires 
Two hearts that join as one, Bringing flame to empty fires 
The night is drawing near, Will they realize their fate? 
Will she accept his love? Patiently he waits, he waits.


M. Scott Harding  © 2009