Simple Words....

You came to me in a moment, 
With turmoil all over this place. 
With a few simple words that Iíve never heard, 
You put the smile back on my face. 

We shared a few songs with each other, 
We shared things that we never knew. 
We both shared in laughter, and the next morning after, 
I knew that Iíd fallen for you. 

It all seemed to be what I wanted. 
And you seemed to be falling for me. 
We both fell in love, because we fit like a glove, 
And your heart kept on calling for me. 

Now I donít want to wake if Iím sleeping. 
But that means that youíre always a dream. 
I miss you so much, because I still need to touch, 
What my heart just won't let me believe. 

One day I was finally awaken, 
And my eyes couldnít focus on you. 
I reached in the air, and I found you no where, 
And my heart didnít know what to do. 

So I tried to find you once again, 
Hoping youíd show up somewhere. 
Youíre not to be found, my worldís crashing down, 
When you vanished right into thin air. 

If my dreams were alive for a moment, 
If I knew that they never would end, 
Iíd say simple words, that youíve never heard, 
And youíd run back to find me again. 

So donít let those simple words fade, 
Donít pretend that they didnít exist. 
I still dream of you, but dreams just wonít do, 
When your lips have never been kissed. 

Are my simple words something you've missed?


M. Scott Harding† © 2009