Surviving the Fall...
He held you once and he let you go,
When you couldnít let go of him.
So you returned to the life that you knew,
Only to fall back in his arms again.

Why does it always seem to hurt,
When you fall in or out of love?
Does it matter if youíre thinking if him?
Or if youíre the one that heís thinking of?

But itís never the same as it was before,
When youíre giving a second chance
Does he forget the reasons you left?
Or remember the hopeless romance?

You gave your heart so completely,
And he led you down a darkened path.
You found yourself alone once again,
Led astray in the wake of his wrath.

It began when you fell in love,
But the fall hurt worse than the lies.
Because you wanted to believe the fall
Wouldnít end with tears in your eyes.

When you search for love itís elusive
But your fears often leave you too blind.
Youíre afraid of the love that you had,
And afraid of the love you might find.

So what does it mean to survive the fall?
Do we salvage the love that we lost?
Or does it mean that we pick up the pieces,
And love again, no matter the cost?

I understand the pain youíre feeling
And that your world had fallen apart
But how long will you stand in the shadow
Of a man who has broken your heart?


M. Scott Harding† © November, 2009