Web sites and pages designed for clients

I have separated my designs into two pages: Personal and Professional
Click on the links below to see examples of my work.


Personal Web Sites - If you just want a site with a single page, or a couple pages to post pictures or videos, I can do that for you at a reduced cost over the Professional sites.

Professional Web Sites - If you need a business site with multiple pages to share with your customers, including photos, about, maps, information, contact information, etc., I can supply you with what you need.

Fees -  The fees to build a site will depend on the type of site you need and the complexity.  If you want a simple four to six page site it will, of course, be far less costly than a larger site with dozens of pages and numerous custom graphics.  I will design all of your backgrounds (or use them from my arsenal), and all of your graphics will be from my own hand unless you supply me with graphics, buttons or backgrounds.

Email - contact me with any questions regarding site design, layout, graphics or fees.