What I Thought...

It wasn’t what I thought, finding someone I could love
I always knew in my heart, that dreams were not enough
You and I were reaching out, hoping we could find a spark
We both were getting tired, feeling lonely in the dark

I asked you if you'd call me, and you said you wanted to
Was it really what I thought, or too good to be true?
Within an hour of talking, we decided we would meet
We picked a common ground, and we grabbed a bite to eat

We both heard sirens blowing
And the way that things were going
I knew the night could never be designed
And no matter if we tried
Two hearts couldn’t be denied
I tried so hard to read between the lines…
…and what I thought was also on your mind.

You told me things I hadn't heard, in at least a year or more
You made me feel the way I did, when I felt loved before
You were more than what I thought, your beauty was revealed
You showed me that your sword, was stronger than my shield

So I opened up to you, and you opened up to me
Everything was going well, just the way it ought to be
We ended with a long goodbye, and then a long embrace
And what I thought about that night, puts a smile upon my face

And that's where love began
Two hearts try to understand
The beginning of a romance taking flight
And now when I'm alone with you
We talk of things we'd like to do
I tried so hard to read the signals right…
…and what I thought is on your mind tonight.


M. Scott Harding  © Feb 2008