So Many Years Ago...

It was so many years ago
We were both living apart
I was tired of running away
And spending my life in the dark

I tried to bring myself closer
But you just pushed me away
One day when I came for a visit
Was the day that I decided to stay

I gave you my money and time
You took it all just the same
I hoped you would give something back
But the only thing I took was the blame

I thought I could make it work
I thought we could start anew
I found myself living a lie
Because I was trying to live with you

It was so many years ago
A time I had nowhere to go
I felt that I needed to grow
Into a life that I wanted to know
I bet high you were betting too low
Your cards were starting to show 
You said yes but your heart said no
It was so many years ago

I know that some people change
And I always thought you could
Now I realize it was all up to me
And loving you did me no good

Thereís someone else you need
Who takes what youíre willing to give
I canít change to be in his place
ĎCause thatís not how I want to live

Today Iím a much different man
I try not to think of the past
I keep myself busy with life
And I try not to live it too fast

I got your last card in the mail
And then nothing two years in a row
I guess it was the final goodbye
And that was so many years ago.

It was so many years ago
And now I have somewhere to go
Iím finally starting to grow
Into a life that I want to know
Sometimes itís good to bet low
And I never let my cards show 
I gave you my heart but you said no
It was so many years ago


M. Scott Harding† © 2007