I remember that night (you cried)
your heart had broken months ago
and you needed to feel free
so when your heart began to mend
is the time when you found me

you told me how I made you laugh
when your life had lost it's smile
that somehow I had brought it back
after months living in denial

the first time that you talked to me
was until the morning hours
we decided we should take a walk
through fields of wilted flowers

you talked about what he had done
and you knew you wanted more
still I walked with you that night
today... I don't know what for

I remember that night you cried
because your love for him had died
you felt so cheated when he lied
you said you felt he never tried

and you kept me by your side
you never let your feelings hide
but your love for him would not subside
and I remember that night you cried.

up until that night with you
I thought that things were going well
I made you laugh, you made me smile
but your emotions never fell

when you said that you had promised him
you would give him another chance
once again I knew I was a
victim of circumstance

so I drove away in disbelief
although I should have been annoyed
I wasn't there to mend your heart
I was there to fill a void

so if I don't run to the phone
if you feel you've been denied
remember that cold night with me
'cause I remember that night (you cried)

I remember that night you cried
because his love for you had died
I felt so cheated by your side
I really felt that you had lied

it was clear you never tried
to keep your thoughts inside
your love for him was bona fide
and I remember that night, you cried.


M. Scott Harding  © August, 2006