the Interior...
The original interior is still in the car, looks pretty good right?  Well, the original interior is underneath what is in the car now...even the old original carpeting. The previous owner had no scruples whatsoever.

DISCLAIMER: use of this information is at your own risk.  Mascot Graphics takes no responsibility for interpretation of this information, and it is to be used as a guide, not an instruction manual.  All modifications were done knowing the risk.

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Four Barrel
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With a Weiand Manifold from Summit...the Poly wakes up a little.  I'll take you through the process and provide a list of items needed.  This applies to a 1965 Poly Engine on my Plymouth Belvedere II, your application may vary and this is just a guideline to help with the installation process.

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The stock Throttle Cable may not be long enough.  No worries, I bought a Lokar Throttle Cable and Trans Kick-down Cable Kit and it was a breeze to install both.  The whole process took less than two hours, which is pretty good considering I never saw a Lokar kit before being installed.

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There were a few choices for an Aluminum Radiator and some were a bit pricey.  Since I'm always on a budget, I opted for this one I found on eBay that had two one inch dross tubes instead of a single tube.  It was designed for racing, but a quick trip to the local welder and I added a drain plug prior to installation.

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I decided to upgrade my trans and found a 727 from a '70 E Body that had a shift kit and a Low Gear Set...that means no more column shifter.  Getting rid of the column shift means installing an aftermarket shifter.  I chose the B&M Hammer Shifter and I'll explain the installation process here.


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It only took me TWO YEARS to get my spitfire headers, and about an hour to sell them on eBay.  Why did I sell them after waiting so long?  Because I heard that TTI, who ONLY makes headers for Mopars, was going to produce REAL headers.  I loaned them my car for three weeks and got it back with the first set of headers installed on a customer car.  How kewl is that?

Dual Quads
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The last on my list of upgrades is to install a dual quad set up on my new motor.  I'll post pics as the process gets under way and fill you in on what cam, carbs, and ignition I use.  If you're wondering if the Poly 318 can handle two carbs...there was actually a FACTORY dual quad manifold...and I was lucky enough to score this aluminum half the weight!

As I make progress I'll put up more keep checking back!
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