Poly wants a Cracker...
Have you ever tried to find new performance parts for the Poly 318?  If so, you know that there is one Manifold, one set of Headers, no Roller Rockers...but things are gonna happen.  Get out the tools...

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The New Poly is installed and the car is back on the road!
On the
Engine Stand


It took a long time, a lot of custom parts, and more patience than most can handle (mostly because all of my friends kept asking, "when are you going to put that thing in the car?".  Well, mortgage and bills came first, but after a few years of collecting parts and spending portions of my tax refunds, it's all come together.

Mating the Poly and
the 727

This wasn't as simple as I thought it would be.  It just goes to prove the old saying, "It's always something".  First, the driveshaft wouldn't fit, then I found out that the flex plate was the wrong one.  There's a saying, "measure twice, cut once"... well, in this case it would be, "Pre-install parts twice, go to the parts store once".

Installing the


Once everything was together, this went a lot smoother than I thought it would.  Not that there weren't any snags along the way, but still... it was in the car in an afternoon and we started it up before dark.  But there was one strange noise that I had and it took a while to figure out what it was.  Was I in for trouble... or was it something simple?  Stay tuned...


I have spent more time making final adjustments than we did installing the engine, but that's to be expected.  Some hose clamps could have been tighter, some parts needed to be tightened, and the carbs were adjusted and tuned.  The result?  It runs GREAT!  It's just too bad now that I have my hot rod, dual-quad Poly together that gas is over four bucks a gallon!

Adding an
Electric Fan


I picked up this Flex-a-Lite fan for a great price and decided it would be better than the fan blade I had.  Once I got the engine running, I wasn't at all comfortable with the stainless steel fan blades (sans shroud) and knew I had to either install a shield or an electric fan.  I lucked out and a friend had one he wasn't using.

A Custom
Air Cleaner

With all the custom work I had done, it seemed silly to just put a simple air cleaner on the car.  So I had started fabricating a custom air cleaner and this is what I came up with.  The outlets will eventually be routed with tubes running beside the radiator and taking fresh air from behind the grille.

As I make progress I'll put up more pictures...so keep checking back!
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