R.I.P. - the last ride...
How to turn a 78 Celica into a paperweight in less than five seconds.  The information herein is to highlight what happened to my car while sitting at a red light one afternoon in El Cajon, California.  This is what can happen when you are not paying any attention at all to the traffic behind you.

DISCLAIMER: This is my own account of what happened, all people, incidents, actions and events are true and accurate.
Bottom line is this: if you don't like it, don't read it...it happened to me and this is my website.

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I was in the process of moving and had just dropped off the first load, and was heading back for the second.  They tell you to never say, "if I had just...." and to simply accept things as they are.  I had traced my steps and since I had stopped at McDonald's I wondered if I would have been better off if I hadn't.  But, who knows what fate lies within, so I just accepted that Vera Matthews was in a hurry that day and chose to ignore the obvious: the red light, for starters, and the three or so cars stopped at it, mine in particular since I was in the lane ahead of her.

She was in a hurry to get home, and didn't see me or my trailer and plowed into the trailer at about 35-40 mph.  This catapulted the trailer and it launched through the back of my car, opening it up like a sardine can.  The trailer proceeded until it hit the rear deck of the car and lifted that up and shattered the rear window.  I, looking down and changing the radio station, never saw her coming and when it hit there was a certain jolt and I had no idea what had happened.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my trailer, a crumpled pile of wood and steel, about ten feet behind my car.  I got out to survey the damage and couldn't believe what had happened.  I looked back at my car and just about fell to my knees with disbelief.

The whole back end was ripped open and there was broken glass everywhere.  People rushed over to see if I was okay and brought me over to the side of the road to lay down.  The impact was enough to break my driver's seat and after the initial rush of adrenaline was wearing down I could feel the pain and stiffness creep slowly up the back of my neck and into the base of my head.  Out in the roadway, people were trying to get Vera Matthews to stay there and wait for the police...she didn't have time to wait around and was trying to leave.

After the police arrived, one officer checked on Vera and then came to me and had told me that she was trying to leave and he had to threaten to cuff her.  He looked at the damage and realized I was in pain, and suggested a visit to the emergency room which was only about a block away...how convenient.

The total damage to the car was estimated at about $5,000, and the trailer was totaled.  The days...and months...that followed the accident were the worst times of my life.  As a result of the accident, I was turned into collection agencies by the hospital that treated me and by my bank after Allsnake refused to pay the bills, and I was also fired from my job for dealing with the insurance company at work, and then evicted when my landlord saw my wrecked car in the carport.

Check out the ALLSNAKE page to see how crooked they are, and see what Enterprise did to me...the icing on the cake.

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