What do they eat?

Parrots can eat many foods that you and I eat.  There are some exceptions, such as chocolate and avocado, but if your parrot wants to mac out on a piece of pizza, spaghetti, vegetables, or even chicken...go right ahead and give it to him.  Yes, chicken does sound a little cannibalistic, but it's really not like that!  Most people think that birds eat seeds, and although that may be a diet for smaller, wild birds, it is actually a bad diet for parrots.  Sunflower and safflower seeds are a very popular treat, and Rocky gets them as just that.  However, his main meals consist of beans, pasta, corn, and rice.  I have a mix that I buy and I cook it up and freeze it in ice cube trays and give it to him one cube at a time.

Making Dinner (and breakfast, and lunch...)

foodmix.JPG (51423 bytes)
Rocky's Fave!  This mix has lots of pasta in it.
I freeze the food before I prepare it.
Add some water to the mix, about 2 cups or so.
nukeit.JPG (51348 bytes)
Ready to Nuke!  I set it for 8 min full then 15 at 80%.
cooked.JPG (63716 bytes)
Freshly cooked and ready to dish out.
supervisor.JPG (66582 bytes)
Rocky is supervising and checking proportions.
sample.JPG (50884 bytes)
Can I have Sampling the goods
freezeit.JPG (50974 bytes)
Ready to freeze, then I thaw a cube or two to eat.
almond.jpg (27916 bytes) brazilnut.jpg (30206 bytes) pistachio.jpg (27540 bytes) walnut.jpg (26537 bytes)
Rocky is just nuts about nuts!
nukedbird.jpg ---Note to self:
DO NOT tease Rocky by putting him in the microwave!
Some of Rocky's favorite snacks are Sunflower Seeds, Safflower Seed, Walnuts, Almonds and, of course, pistachios! nuts&seeds.jpg

Okay, so here is what can happen if you aren't careful and Rocky is extremely hungry!  Actually, he had something caught in his beak and I tried to trim the end with a pair of scissors.  He missed and got me...3 stitches! >yeee~ouch!<


This just goes to show that animals, as loving as they seem, are still animals and should never be taken for granted.

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