Skank of America...
As if it wasn't bad enough to go through what Allsnake and Enterprise Rent-a-Scam put me through,
yet another big business has swirled their nasty finger in the troubled waters which is my life...

DISCLAIMER: This is my own account of what happened.  All people, incidents, and events are true and accurate.  My goal here is to educate people about the questionable ethics and practices of Bank of America.

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UPDATE 2/5/03: Well, if the past five years of struggling weren't enough, I've received numerous offers from dealerships to buy a new car for some ridiculous amount, and have also received more outrageous credit card offers than one can handle in a year: 24.9% interest - $84 annual fee - $35 processing fee - $72/year account fees. Yes, many of these cards were going to allow me to charge up to $5000 (meaning the card limit would be about $500) and they wanted $191 per year to allow me to borrow the money at 24%! I was in an accident and filed bankruptcy people, I didn't lose all common sense and reason!

So how have I fared for the past five years after the accident and filing bankruptcy? Well, the bankruptcy was not the most pleasant thing going on in my life. I didn't turn everything into bankruptcy court, despite the urging from my attorney, and reaffirmed a large portion of my debts at the time of the filing. Far too many people file for bankruptcy these days, mostly because they get in over their heads and just can't - or sometimes they simply don't want to - pay their bills. That tends to make my situation appear more like I'm irresponsible than the victim of a true, financial hardship. Creditors don't see a bankruptcy with a valid reason, they just see "high risk" and they go for your wallet's throat.

But I was determined not to let Allsnake ruin my life, and I still work and live at the same places I have for the past five years. I've also managed to have ZERO negative activity on my credit report, paid off some loans and established some new ones. I am currently in the process of buying my first home...a brand new home...and it's a very exciting and also a bit intimidating. It's great to put the whole accident and bankruptcy behind me and move forward.

Well, not so fast. It seems that two years ago Skank of America purchased a Nations Bank of Delaware, the holder of a credit card that was discharged on my bankruptcy five years ago. Yes, three years after my bankruptcy was discharged, Skank of America decided to report me as delinquent on that very same credit card. But they didn't stop there, no they had to do it full scale. They reported me as 120 days late for 24 months in a row and reported this to two of the three major agencies. To make matters worse, when I brought this to their attention they assured me they would clean up the error but it took two months and several phone calls and threats of a lawsuit to get them to finally remove the false information. This false information kept me from pre-qualifying for the first home I looked at, but all's well that ends well...I found an even better home in a better neighborhood.

So five years later the accident reared it's ugly head yet one last time to remind me to always keep my guard up and expect the unexpected. Who would have thought that Life has a funny way of keeping you on your toes...and hopefully I've heard the last of that stupid accident once and for all.

Keep your fingers crossed...

UPDATE 5/28/03: Well, here it is just a mere 2 months later and SKANK OF AMERICA has continued to screw me over.  I have letters stating that they have made errors on my credit reports, and yet to this day those assholes are STILL reporting me as 90 days late on a credit card that doesn't exist!  This is, AGAIN, causing problems with my home loan and my loan may not be processed simply because of the negative activity that has my credit score dropping.  I swear, if these assholes don't straighten this up I will sue the hell out of them for the full amount of my new home.  I am sick and tired of industries like this who screw up and leave the consumer to fend for himself while they continue to go about their lives as though nothing matters.  I will keep you updated, but I'm telling you now...I am PISSED OFF THIS TIME!!!!!!!!

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